Jewelry Welding Appointment at Westfield Century City

$ 15.00

  • Product Description

      Welding location:

      Westfield Century City
      10250 Santa Monica Blvd
      Los Angeles, 90067

      Guarantee your spot to weld your jewelry! 

      This is a deposit that will secure your appointment. It covers the fee for welding and It will be applied to your balance at the time of the appointment. The remaining balance paid on location will be the price of the chain selected to weld. Gold filled and sterling silver bracelets start at $25 and 14k solid gold bracelets start at $100. 

      We offer a variety of over 30 chains and they can be made into permanent rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Cost of each is dependent on the chain selected and the length.  The $15 weld fee covers one weld.

      Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointment to have a look at the chains available. Arriving late may forfeit your appointment. Because we dedicate this time slot to you, deposits are non-refundable for no-shows.

  • Shipping Updates

    • Please read the following and note there may be delays in shipments.

      We try to ship as much as we can from our retail location. In the case the item is not ready to ship, our current production time to make an item for you is 5-7 business days. Nameplates and customized items currently have a production time of 7-10 business days.

      Although we try to get them out sooner, please keep in mind that depending on order volume, we may need the entire time to produce. Production time is not inclusive of shipping times. Paying for expedited shipping does not speed production time, only delivery time.

      Thank you so much for your support and patronage!

  • Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated? What's the Difference?!

    • Gold plated jewelry is great for those who are looking to get the trendy gold look on a budget. Gold plated items are created by using an electric/chemical process to attach gold particles to the base metal and create a thin layer of color. Due to it's nature, gold plated items are much more affordable but require more care to increase it's longevity.

      “Gold filled” is not actually filled with gold. Gold filled jewelry is created by bonding a thick layer of actual gold to another metal, usually brass, through extreme pressure. The gold content is legally required in the US to be at least 5% of the total weight. As the gold layer is thick, gold-filled jewelry won’t tarnish or fade as quickly as gold plated items. In fact, they can be cleaned and if taken care of well, they can last well over a year!

      Gold Filled is has the highest content of gold aside from solid gold. To our dismay, not everything can be made gold filled and so we gold plate instead!
  • Don't see what you want?

    • Don't see the color or size you wanted? That's ok! 

      Please email with the size and/or color you are interested in and we will help you track it down!