Our Story

The Faint Hearted is a new jewelry line designed and curated in the heart of Los Angeles. The Faint Hearted draws its influence from L.A.’s culture and merges the city’s modern, upscale lifestyle with some of its laid back vibes. The result is a collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets that can be worn for any occasion.

The Faint Hearted began as a thought that never really came to life. Throughout her career, our creative director kept going in and out of the fashion industry, hoping to find a brand she can really connect with. After taking a year long hiatus from the fashion industry, she felt it was time to come back - after all, you can only be away from fashion for so long. This time she was ready to start her own brand and share her ideas with other girls. And so, The Faint Hearted, serves as a constant reminder to be fearless, take risks and embrace our (and your!) creativity.

At The Faint Hearted, we keep you girls in mind on the daily because nothing gets to us more than jewelry that isn't versatile. We view every body as a unique canvas waiting to be adorned. Keeping this concept in mind, we design and curate pieces that are meant to be stacked so that each day you can create a different look. Don't worry though, if you're not a fan of stacking and prefer to keep it simple, our jewelry looks great on their own too!

We want to hear from our girls and hear what they have to say. So if you just wanted to say hello, or feel like a certain style is missing out there, drop us a line at info@thefainthearted.com. 

Currently, our jewelry can be found online only, however, if you are interested in carrying our line, feel free to contact us at sales@thefainthearted.com.