Caring for Your Jewelry

how to care for your jewelry so that it does not tarnish

We do our best to ensure you receive the highest quality jewelry. Because many of our pieces handcrafted, you may notice that each piece may have slight variances in their size and color. 

All of the jewelry on our site is costume jewelry and most are made of brass and plated with gold, rose gold, silver or rhodium. The finish of plated metals may fade with use and/or over time.

As such, we recommend that you avoid any contact with liquids and chemicals (hair spray, lotions, pool water, etc.). 

Rings are most susceptible to fading because of each individual's body chemistry and natural body oils. Therefore, we recommend removing your rings prior to washing your hands and putting them on when your hands are completely dry. When removing your rings, use a soft, clean cloth to gently remove any excess body oils, sweat or dirt.

If you have any further questions regarding jewelry care, please contact and we will do our best to respond within two working days.


If you purchased earrings from us, we request that you sterilize the posts BEFORE wearing the earrings for hygienic purposes. We do not clean the earrings for you and we are not responsible for sensitivity/inflammation/etc. that may occur from wearing contaminated earrings. 

Additionally, it is your responsibility to know what metals your skin is sensitive and/or allergic to. Most of our jewelry is made of brass and other metals. If your skin is sensitive to metals, please contact before purchasing. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding our metals.