About Jewelry Restoration


"Does this tarnish?"

"Can I wear it in the shower?"

"How long will this last?"

I hear these questions all day every day! To be quite honest, the answers don't always satisfy my customers. The answers are as follows:

  • Yes, it can tarnish and lose it's color
  • No, it is not recommended to wear gold plated items in the shower
  • Can't give you a solid answer on that one! It will depend on your skin and usage

I know! It's really frustrating and I hate to be the bearer I bad news - it's the nature of costume jewelry. When paying a fraction of the cost of fine jewelry, there is most definitely a price to pay. 

Longevity of gold plated items is a major concern for my customers. Although it’s normal for gold plated items to fade, my clients don’t like the idea for it. I mean, it really sucks, right? You pay for something it doesn't that "last" as long as you'd like.


It's really simple, actually! I decided to focus on the good traits of costume jewelry - is super cute and affordable - and help you hang on to it for as long as you'd like.

The Jewelry Restoration Program is a service that provides more confidence in your purchase, all while normalizing the nature of costume jewelry. If you purchase any of our jewelry, you can always send it back to us for a minimal cost to be cleaned and redipped. Once it has been restored, we will send it back to you. Et Voila! Your pieces are like new again. 

Here's an image to show you what I mean. Bear with me though, it's a picture taken from my iPhone. As a disclaimer, these are not the same rings and only used as an example. The bottom ring was already restored and is not a new production ring. Results may vary.



To send it back, please place your order here: https://thefainthearted.com/collections/jewelry-restoration

Once you've placed your order, you will receive an email with instructions to ship your items to us. Please make sure that you ship the same amount of items as restorations ordered. For example, if you send back 3 rings, please select a quantity of 3 restorations! 

The sooner you send it to us, the faster it will return to you!

Terms and Conditions

This program is only limited to items ordered at The Faint Hearted. Any items from other jewelers or brands will not be accept and will be sent back. At this given time, gold-filled items do not qualify for this program.

Once the item arrives, the process can take around 4-7 business days depending on our production queue. Results of restoration will vary depending on the quality of the items. 

Restoration only fixes the color of the item and removes tarnish. RESTORATION DOES NOT

  • Replace lost or damaged stones
  • Fix broken items
  • Does not fix bent rings

We do not offer refunds on restored jewelry and we are not responsible for items lost in mail.