No Piercing Bezel Ear Cuff - Silver + Pink

$ 15.00


Product Details

This listing is for a pair of cuffs for your ears. These do not require piercings!

Material: Brass
Gold plated
Inner diameter: 10mm
outer diameter: 13mm

These cuffs are really small, but they are fairly sturdy. However, these should not be bent out of shape as it will loosen the setting and stones will pop out, you can ruin them. Please be considerate of the piece and handle with care.

These must be placed on the conch area as pictured. They will fall off if placed on the upper cartilage area.

Due to the design, they may fit differently on every person.

Please keep in mind what type of metals you are allergic/sensitive to. If you are not sure, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.

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