Plain Mini Ear Huggies - Silver

$ 26.00


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These super dainty hoop earrings hug your ear lobe for a subtle, barely-there look.

Outer diameter: 1cm (10 mm)
Inner diameter: 0.7cm (7mm)
*Fits most ear lobes, and is great for cartilage piercings. Model pictured is wearing a small hoop.

Outer Diameter: 1.2 cm (12cm)
Inner Diameter: 0.9cm (9cm)
*For lobes that are a bit thicker, ears that have a higher set piercing on the lobes or if you want to have a bit more space between the lobe and the hoop.

Earrings are made of rhodium-plated brass and a sterling silver post.

Please keep in mind what type of metals you are allergic/sensitive to. If you are not sure, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.

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